Rescue Boats


The revolutionary aluminum multi purpose fast ocean RIB are based upon a proven design that has been successfully operating from oil platforms and ships in the North Sea for over 15 years. These boats are made in America and offer exceptional flexibility for specialized configurations.

These boats are approved by the USCG for use under standards and specifications presented by the uniform principles and rules for rescue boats. With extreme deep-vee hulls constructed with marine grade aluminum extrusions that provide outstanding sea keeping capabilities and are extremely rugged. Provide sustained high-speed offshore operation in adverse weather conditions and offer precise maneuverability al all speeds. The design incorporates a modular closed-cell foam sponson and can be powered by an inboard diesel engine with water jet propulsion. An optional specialized lifting frame provides a single point of attachment for lifting and deployment.

Our boats are available in lengths from 4.2 to 11 meters and can be built with numerous options. These boats are designed with a carrying capacity in excess of six (6) tons and are intended to accommodate up to 10 persons.

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