MediBurn has been specifically designed for use in:

Small Hospitals
Remote Locations
Disaster Relief Operations
Animal Cremation

MediBurn can be used to eliminate medical waste with reliable, on site technology. The MediBurn is easily and safely operated with minimal training required. No pre-use construction is required on site. MediBurn can be put in place and operated immediately.

MediBurn highlights
· Designed by specialists in portable systems.
· No on site construction.
· Minimal training for operators.
· Built for safe, easy operation with state of the art controls.
· Has dual chamber combustion and high exhaust temperatures in excess of 1000’C.
· Preset cycle time automatically controls start up and shut down.
· Thermostatic temperature control insures efficient fuel consumption.

MediBurn is an innovative system for smaller facilities. It has been designed to eliminate hospital waste (including infectious and pathological waste) efficiently, and with a minimum of expense. Existing personnel can be instructed on the use of this product. The operator opens the primary chamber door, places the waste inside and turns on the unit. A timed cycle preset by the operator begins and the waste is reduced to 5% ash by volume.


Weight: 1980 lbs. (900 kg)
Height: 6′ 9″ (2.25 m)
Width at Base: 3′ 6″ (1.07 m)
Length: 5′ 8″ (1.5 m)
Primary Chamber Volume: 10.5 cu.ft. (240 L)
Suggested Load Volume: 8 cu.ft/load (226 L)
Diameter of Stack: 12″ OD (30 cm)


Electrical: 110v/220v
Fuel: Diesel
Location: Level surface 2 meters from nearest structure


Electrical: .35K w/hr
Fuel: 2.4 gal (9 L) – 30 min. cycle
5 gal (18 L) – 1 hr. cycle
9.8 gal (37 L) – 2 hr. cycle

Incinerate non-hazardous refuse & waste oil at minimal expense.

This innovative little incinerator can be shipped by parcel post. The Smart Ash II can be used with or without fuel. For dry loads, that support combustion, Smart Ash II incinerates waste with incredible efficiency. For loads with a moisture content above 15%, Smart Ash II’s unique fuel injection system allows the incineration of a large variety of refuse and waste materials. Smart Ash II even eliminates waste oil.

.What will Smart Ash II incinerate? Portable, Multipurpose Incinerator for:
Paper Waste
Absorbent Materials
Wood by Products
General Non-Hazardous Waste
Waste Oil
Restaurant Waste
Oily rags, gloves, clothes
Organic Materials
Remote Locations
Mining Camps
Job Sites
Oil Drilling Operations
Truck Stops
Construction Sites


CONSTRUCTION Stainless steel lid, plated tubular steel frame 2-Blowers, Axial vane 120V standard or 220V optional
REQUIRES 55 Gallon steel open head drum
FLOOR SPACE 32″ x 32″
WEIGHT 75 lbs. Without drum, 115 lbs. With drum
AVERAGE BURN RATE Refuse 50 lbs./hr and oil disposal rate 6 gal/hr (23 L/hr.)

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