Elastec Selective Drum Skimmers

Elastec skimmers are effective in recovering a broad range of hydrocarbons from low viscosity product such as gasoline and diesel fuel to the very highest viscosities. Elastec skimmers recover only the oil and leave the water behind, saving costly water disposal. Elastec drum skimmers make oil pollution and spill clean up less expensive and easier to deal with. Elastec Drum Skimmers have proven their versatility and reliability around the world and are designed to recover floating hydrocarbons in a wide variety of circumstances. Recovery rates range from two gallons to two hundred gallons of product per minute. You can expect higher recovery rates with Elastec Drum Skimmers. Independent testing verifies that Elastec’s advertised rates are accurate.

Be selective, choose from our complete line of Drum Skimmer Systems, or let us custom build one to fit your industrial or oil spill response needs. Standard systems are available in pneumatic, diesel or electric power.

Elastec Drum Skimmer and Power Unit Warranty:
3 Year Skimmer and Power Unit Limited Warranty.
Lifetime Drum Warranty.

Drum Skimmer

Standard Features

  • Simple design
  • Proprietary Oleophilic drum material
  • Shallow draft
  • No external floats
  • Heavy duty modular frame design
  • Simple drum wipers
  • Light and easy to deploy
  • Transfer pump can be used for other applications
  • Systems are complete with all connections
  • Discharge hose kits made in convenient lengths


  • Easy to operate
  • Selectively recovers all types of oil while repelling water
  • Operates in 3″ of water
  • Requires no buoyancy adjustments
  • No external skin to replace
  • Withstand rough handling
  • Easy to replace wipers
  • No hinges or springs to corrode

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