TDS-136 TDS-136

Recovery rate: 70 gallons per minute, (16 Ton Per Hr)
3% or less water pick up
Models available:
Pneumatic, diesel hydraulic and electric hydraulic
L x W x H 37″x 92″x 18″ in. (94x234x46 cm)
100 lbs (45 kg)

Available in pneumatic or hydraulic drive the TDS-136 is the oil spill contractors skimmer of choice for fast efficient oil spill recovery. The TDS-136 is ideal for industrial applications such as API separators and cleaning oil containment pits. A large selection of pumps are available for use with the TDS-136, including screw and positive displacement for handling extremely high viscosity products.

The pneumatic model can be connected directly to a vacuum truck for an efficient oil spill response unit or routine pit clean-up operation.


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