Petroleum Lab Equipment

Alcor is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of aviation fuel testing instruments located in San Antonio, Texas. The company has long been associated with the aviation industry providing expertise in the analysis of fuel thermal oxidation and fouling of critical fuel system components. This has resulted in development of instrumentation for reliable determination of these factors providing the aviation and fuels industries with access to consistent monitoring of critical fuel performance. Alcor manufactures the JFTOT (Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester) for the measurement and verification of jet fuel thermal stability; the MCRT (Micro Carbon Residue Tester) for measuring the tendency of materials to thermally degrade and form coke under high temperature conditions; and the HLPS (Hot Liquid Process Simulator), a research tool for testing thermal degradation of turbine fuels under a variety of conditions. Alcor also maintains a petroleum testing laboratory outfitted to undertake physical testing of petroleum products for both customer applications and commercial purposes.

Located in Lauda, Germany Herzog is an ISO 900I manufacturer of petroleum physical testing apparatus. Since the early 1930’s, Herzog has earned the distinction as the worldwide leader in high-quality reliable laboratory petroleum testing apparatus providing a full line of simple manually operated devices along with a complement of state-of-the-art automated apparatus. Herzog engineers continue to develop the latest technology in automated laboratory petroleum testing apparatus. Herzog also maintains a complete operational petroleum testing laboratory and seminar center in Lauda for thorough customer training on its products. Products manufactured by Herzog include both manual and automated apparatus for Flash point, distillation, kinematic viscosity, cold behavior, vapor pressure, softening point and many more properties.

Located in Acton, Massachusetts, PetroSpec is dedicated to the development of spectroscopic applications for petroleum analysis -in the laboratory, in the field and on-line. PetroSpec’s distinction is the ability to adapt sophisticated technology to economical, one-step analyzers for a variety of petroleum physical properties. Products manufactured by PetroSpec include the GS series for determination of octane, VOC emissions, oxygenates, benzene, aromatics, olefins, saturates and other properties in gasoline; the DT series for red dye and ASTM color in diesel fuel; the JT series for red dye and Saybolt color in aviation fuel; the JFT series for aromatics and other properties in aviation fuel and the CETANE 2000 analyzer for cetane number, cetane index, aromatics, and cetane improver analysis of diesel fuels. All of these properties are also available in on-line systems.

Located in Verson, France, in 1975, in the heart of the petrochemical industry, ISL is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of automatic and automated petroleum physical testing apparatus. This location was found to be an excellent proving ground for research and development of new instrumentation. By the late 1970’s, several quality instruments had been developed and were being marketed in Europe. The most famous of these new instruments was the CPP97, Automatic Cloud and Pour Point Analyzer. Introduced in the early 1980’s, the CPP97-6 revolutionized cold flow testing in that it could perform up to six tests automatically. Adding several new automatic instruments each year, ISL soon became a worldwide leader in automatic petroleum testing instrumentation. Design, marketing, service and support are all under the ISL roof, serving the world. Products manufactured by ISL include flash point, distillation, kinematic viscosity, cold behavior, vapor pressure, softening point, Noack volatility and more.

Located at their facilities in San Antonio, Texas and Arlington Heights, Illinois, Precision Scientific Petroleum Instruments, an ISO 9001 manufacturer, has been a frequently recognized name in petroleum refinery laboratories throughout the world. Often associated with petroleum viscosity baths and flash point testers, Precision Scientific is continually improving performance by incorporating the latest digital technology. In addition, Precision manufacturers on-line petroleum analyzers to complement each of the laboratory tests which provides the industry with continuous monitoring of their product’s physical properties. World-class customer service and field service engineers for installation and repair of all PAC products are available throughout the world. Products manufactured by Precision include both manual and on-line apparatus for flash point, distillation, kinematic viscosity, cold behavior, vapor pressure, penetration and many more properties.

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